my place and yours…

October 20, 2009

Ooooh, I like ‘themed’ idea things… and haven’t joined up till now…. this one is instigated by Meet Me at Mikes….this week – on the shelf.


I’ve been in a mad Spring clean kind of mood the past couple of weeks and when I got these down off the shelf and dusted them – I nearly didn’t put them back (tricky to dust you see…) But I’m glad I put them back because I love them, and they remind me of a beautiful woman who loved her roses – Jean….



  1. What pretty cups and saucers. Such a treasure!

  2. ooooohhh they are divine..i’m ssoo glad you put them back on shelf!

  3. Oh! Those are SO lovely! Just pretty and cherry and Nanna-rific! We are so lucky you played, otherwise we wouldn’t have got to see your lovely cups! xx

  4. Those teacups are gorgeous!

  5. Mum would be so glad you’re enjoying them.

  6. Mum would be so pleased you are enjoying them.

  7. I have also been madly springcleaning… but to the cups; they are gorgeous, and remind me of the ones I got rid of when we moved to Sydney… why would I have thought that I didn’t need beautiful old cups??

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