my parents were awesome…

October 14, 2009

Check out this website – myparentswereawesome – something very fascinating about looking at what photos people pick of their parents to put on here (all the decades are represented!)…. I have just sent this one of my mum. There’s a great one I remember of my dad in front of the pyramids in Egypt… must find it….


It always amazes me that she is wearing her ‘army coat’ and a little lipstick and that just before this photo was taken – she had been close to starvation and suffering with malaria… not to mention a whole lot of other hardships through the war years….



  1. wow Jo, You have been busy…I havent been here for a week or so. missed u at artists way today. Wonderful as usual. I loved your comment about the painting you made for S. And I love the photo of your mum. Gee to look that beautiful when you are malnourished! She must have known it was going to be a special photo for someone someday…sar

  2. Your mother is beautiful, who would have known that she was suffering so much just before this photo.I see her beauty in you…Sx

  3. Your mom is gloriously beautiful…

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