Dali’s a bust…

October 1, 2009


Nim and I went last night – didn’t get in – listened to some gypsy music in the Great Hall, watched the amazing mix of people that is ‘melbourne’ – bought the catalogue, an icecream and went home…disappointed but ok…

One comment

  1. The hype was getting too much and the time too little so took off Friday afternoon hoping to miss the throngs and finally make that long overdue appointment with Mr Dali.I know this is most likely going to upset someone, but personally i found the show left me cold.
    Now, i should pre-empt this by saying that it was incredibly comprehensive, really well staged and very very informative…. the actual pieces just didn’t really do much for me. I found the lesser known works from his early days beautiful, and the mechanised beating heart he created for Elizabeth 11 coronation was mindblowing- truly amazing and one of the coolest things i’ve ever seen.
    I’m also exstatic about the fact that it created so much interest, and Jo, you are right when you say what an eclectic mix of visitors.
    There is no denying Dali’s role and impact on so many people, and i do love the Mo… but deep down i know i’m more a Kandinsky/Picasso guy.

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