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September 30, 2009


Sorry if you got sick of the last post…. it’s school holidays – nuf said…

We’ve been keeping busy doin’ I don’t know what….rollerblading, movies, friends, Bakers Delight workshops (for FREE!)

I meant to say something about this painting that has now gone as a present to a dear friend… before that it was sitting around looking unfinished to me.  It only took a few kind words and some encouragement and that painting took on a life it didn’t have before – dear S became an inspiration as the shapes all of a sudden became trees planted firmly in this earth and the shimmer in the light was also her light.  I have found time and again that if I am making something for a special somebody it turns out so much better than if it was just made for the sake of it.  Seems thats the way it should be…

(this friend is also the one that decided to instigate an Artist’s Way group at her house… what a muse!) x

One comment

  1. Un abraccio da me a te ( a big hug from me to you) xx

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