scarey girl…

September 24, 2009


I made this ‘scarey girl’ as a teaching aid for a class that I was going to teach this week in a school holiday program….the class got cancelled – oh well… but I’m glad I made this.  She’s fun…bleeding tears, her heart cut out and mended with a safety pin and padlock on the outside (so it can never happen again…)  That’s why this class is meant to be for teenagers – the darkness, the angst, the melodrama – how could anyone younger understand???

I had my first comment from Poland this week – that was very exciting for me….

Quote of the week –

“We can choose to mope about a lot in life, or we can decide to live in awe, touching hearts along the way.

We all know ducks make lots of noise, quacking and complaining about their problems in life.

And then there are eagles, who go about their business and consistently soar above the crowd”. Mac Anderson



  1. Here`s your second comment from Poland! :)))

    ’scarey girl’ is just wonderfull! 😀 She`s really great!

  2. heh i hope the shop that cancelled the workshop was not the new one, that seemed really organised! I love scary doll and would have been hugging her lots during my teen years while listening to billies blues too.

  3. Hi Jo, hoping you are well and surviving the wintery blast during the school hols. I was never into dollies, and now know why-with their plastic distorted smiles, button noses and beady glass eyes with lashes that would make Joan Collins envious. Your girl has soul and tells a story even boys can relate to. That BIG open eye provides a riveting insight into a determined little personality…and really, lets face it, arms just get you in trouble always reaching out for stuff you don’t need. Scary is good, keep soaring on them warm thermals.

  4. I just adore scary doll. I love the padlock and the symbolism that goes with it…you are amazing. Sorry to hear the workshop got cancelled…i bet i can guess where too!!!

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