a fun weekend…

September 22, 2009


It’s the 2nd day of school holidays – so the weekend seems a LONG time ago…. but I remember I had fun!  Working backwards – I went to Feebs baby blessing on Sunday, and it was just so beautiful to talk birth stories – remembering our own and getting ready to welcome a new one to this world….  Saturday night I went to Rose Turtle Ertler’s CD launch at Northcote Town Hall.  What a wild show – very relaxed with lots of audience participation, dress ups, vegan chocolate muffins, sparklers and a game of Twister.  Very quirky fun songs.  My friend Col got up and did a beautiful song.  And Carl Pannuzzo was helping out with drums, but when he did a song called Bluebird – that was the highlight for me – just so sweet.  I had to buy the CD and you can find him at Potnkettle.  And the weekend started off with a fantastic garage sale at other Col’s – where Nim and I bought an arm load of stuff…. one of the precious purchases was this vintage wooden belt (which is more likely to hang than be worn….) – very folk art and CUTE!


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