pot luck giveaway…

September 15, 2009

I said I’d have another giveaway and here it is…. leave a comment before 12 midnight on Friday 18 September (Eastern Standard Australian Time) and you will go in the hat to win an owl brooch OR a knit bracelet OR one of my sister’s knitted dolls (as pictured below)… that’s why it’s called ‘pot luck’ and Good Luck!



  1. Hi Jo, I just followed the link from Whip up for your bangle tute :). Cute idea, I have been doing similiar lately but when I discovered that my childhood bangle stash had disappeared I needed an alternative. I ended up knitting some icords and poking plastic tubing up the middle and taping it closed. voila bangle for me!
    Love the owl too, orange is a great colour.

  2. Luscious photo. There is something about that dolly that reminds me of Nimmy. Her hair is so cute and she is so happy. I just want to lift up my skirt and skip through the fields with her.


  3. Yes, you do take the most alluring photos, one would think you enlisted the services of a stylist. Do you think it’s wrong for men to knit? I have fingers like Fred Flintstone and am contemplating taking it up but the thought is daunting-will friends tease me?

  4. Jobee I’ve just been reading all your wonderful stories and words of wisdom – you are an inspiration my dear friend. You bring tears to my eyes. Boo and I love the colourful bracelets. The owl brooch and knitted doll are gorgeous too. How clever you are!!!

  5. Heh Jo
    seems like there has been a bit of action since this morning. Your craft is beuaitful as ever I am really enjoying the bird theme!! If Derek happens to read the comments or you are talking to him, you could tell him about the steiner dads who knit. Isn’t there a great photo somehwere of dad knitting??
    lov u

  6. Dear Jo,

    Just catching up on your blog, which is wonderful as always. I love the owl! Owls are the new black. Did you enjoy reiki? I did Reiki level 1 just after we got back last year, and find it a wonderful resource.
    Lots of love,


  7. Life’s been a little glum
    Broke my bum
    Then while nursing my poor rear
    Got big surgery in my ear
    Had to think of something other
    Than how my body would recover
    So I check out all your pics
    And ohhh about your knits
    But then I spy your felts
    And my gloomy heart just melts
    Your life pieces
    Large & tiny
    All look so bright & shiny
    For the beauty you put out there
    I say thank you
    Glad you share xxxx

  8. Dear Jobees, your work and words are so beautiful, just like you inside and out.

  9. Hi Bella Jo,
    I haven’t been to your blog for ages, boy have i missed it! I think everything you make is so beautiful and you put so much of yourself into them. I am so sad my postcard never arrived, was thinking about your thoughts on how we don’t write to eachother anymore and how there wont be any record of correspondence due to email. It has inspired me to write some cards myself. Thank you Jo, you are always inspiring in so many ways.
    Love Sonia

  10. Hi Jo….don’t come here much, but always glad I stopped by…..X

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