cheap habby fun

September 11, 2009


A whole lot of cute haberdashery stuff was in the $1 box when I went to Spotlight the other day…. and I bought up big…I saw this great idea on Whip up where Debra at Creative Ramblings makes a sewing kit out of a preserving jar!  How nice would that be for someone who sews and wants to be mobile with it…. or for a child who has just started to sew and wants their own kit.  (although my Nim says…’why would I want my own kit – when I can use yours?’   You all know why don’t you???)  Now if anyone knows where to get a preserving or Mason Jar – let me know will you?


  1. You bargain hunter you…Why is there a $2 price tag on the buttons, your not trying to mislead us are you?
    As far as preserving jars go i have come across quite a few at various markets, especially the little Oakleigh one on Sunday mornings- Usually people getting rid of the old Hapers Vacola(?)jars easy to get your hands into as they are very wide. Often the metal lids are a bit dodgy though, you need the clips too. Other than that most good kitchenware shops sell them, srew top lid versions which are a little more practical these days. I think i’ve got a bunch of the Vacola ones in a box somewhere if anyones wants ’em.

  2. You are now officially ‘King of Craft’!
    Will you go back and visit Whip Up now?

  3. Put it this way,…i was relieved to find it wasn’t a blog on the Hellfire Club.

  4. What a great stash!
    i started preserving last year and am continually on the search for vacola jars – you van buy new ones from the factory door in North Melbourne or Kensington.

    Lov Love the wooden lovelies as did relish the yoyo tute – had just been pondering what to make with it – 1000 piece jigsaw is certainly trying my patience but thought the modelling of such would be good for Eloise who by the way loves the owl brooch.

    Birds birds birds -may they tweet all day!

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