beautiful moments

September 7, 2009

I got such a beautiful surprise when I went around the side of the house this morning and saw ALL the cliveas in bloom…. This blog about gardening has been mentioned as a good one – Chloe’s Garden.


We had a wonderful weekend – I learnt Reiki on Saturday and then we went to a dear friend’s party and I pretty much danced all evening…

Father’s Day was nice for all of us, and Nim certainly showed how much she loves her Dad by expressing herself here with the piping gizmo for the first time….


Romy was so excited about the gifts he’d purchased at the school stall that he had to give them to P on Friday night…. there was no waiting for him…. Be gentle with yourselves, and have a great week.



  1. The same to you love!
    Loved dancing with you all night long.
    Reiki??? Gee wow!Would love to hear about it!


  2. Nim is gorgeous isn’t she and Paul must feel pretty special too!..love just keeping up with all your family and creative happenings.
    sar x

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