here’s my wedding ring…

August 27, 2009

I have always been interested in the stories that surround my parent’s immigration to Australia….this year the urge to know details has become even stronger.  I did a workshop at the Immigration Museum recently, and found out the name of the boat they came out on – the General Howse.  The National Archives have sent me the microfilm pages of my dad’s papers.  There’s a photo of him and everything.  I learnt that Bonegilla – the migrant camp where they stayed when they first arrived, is open to the public. When I get a chance I will go and have a look.

One of the stories that captures my imagination is the one where Dad’s mum sent my mum her wedding ring to welcome her to the family – even though she had never met her.  In my journal I pictured it being sent in the mail.  Mum since tells me it actually came with Dad’s sister when she came to Australia….

(Remember the Student Nurse book I found in the Op Shop – you can see it’s coming in handy now…)




  1. Your story is really starting to ignite a few matters which as a fellow “alien” need to be addressed. I must go and have a look at the Immigration museum and take it from there. It’s kinda ironic how at our age you think you know a lot, and it’s not until you wake up and start asking a few questions that you realise there’s a rich and wonderful story waiting to be told. Thanks for sharing ….

  2. Wow, how beautiful! Your story and your art work…
    Thanks for sharing.


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