a small miracle…

August 1, 2009


You must believe me when I say I was making this pizza for the kids the other night in a rush… a bad mood even…. and as I splodged the tomato paste out of the bottle – this is what the tomato paste spelt… I must say it was nice to have a reminder to bring joy to my kitchen and my cooking – thank you!


And these beautiful still life photos are by my Nimue who decided to set up a studio in her room this morning… pretty good for a 9 year old hey?



  1. If that’s not the best advertisement for delicious home made pizza then i’ll be he. I suspect more things were added, unless they all prefer a very plain offering. You could have sold it on ebay for a small fortune, not unlike the albino coco pop (aka a rice bubble) that sold for 8 bucks or the jesus twisty etc.

    Nimue sure has a keen eye and sense of composition, throw a 9yo a camera and you usually get observational material, which can be fun, opportunistic and insightful- And so are these wonderful pics, but in a totally different way…it must be a constant “joy”(no pun intended) to watch her develop.

  2. Jees man, his comments (derek) are good. Yes it really does say joy, and boy the universe is full of it. It was ace dancing with you tonight.

    you clearly know how to inspire your kids to create, and to feel their own creativity. That is a really special gift Jo.

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