chook update…

July 28, 2009

Thanks D for prompting me on a ‘chook update’. As you can see a fence was needed to try and contain the big, brown Isa Brown’s as they started to look like they wanted to jump the back fence and were really messing with the garden in a big way… thank you to P and his Dad for working hard this last weekend to get a beautiful fence up – with a gate and everything! And you know I didn’t report it, but the Isa’s have been laying eggs for a while now. We get two big brown eggs every day – and we eat the them up with much joy….



  1. ….and ain’t that the way it should be. Our girls would scratch up many a plant on their hunt for munchies and we had to do much the same thing. I think they saw “ChickenRun” one night and worked out they could with a little burst of energy, lift themselves over the fencing. We found a stash of eggs on the shed roof, buried in pineneedles, eventually we had to put the wire across the top too…although someone told us that you just clip one wing and they stay put, didn’t have the heart. Anyway, i hope yours don’t start getting any ideas..

  2. Good work on the fence…..looks like a bit of sweat went into that one. I haven’t visited your blog for ages. It is great to hear you are having wonderful fresh eggs everyday. xx

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