a big week

July 22, 2009


It was a big week last week. After much consideration, consultation and conversation, we decided to start Romy in Prep….yes, school…mid-year….which is something lovely about Steiner education and how flexible it can be and how catering for the child is the most important thing.  It was apparent to his kinder teacher and to us, his parents, that he was ready for a bit more of a challenge and being an October baby he was always borderline with age anyway.  He has settled in so quickly and well – like a duck to water really. He came home with a great long rhyme he could recite last night and just started counting in 5’s in the car today! (not necessarily taught at school though)  It’s been big for me in that I thought I had more time with him at home with me… my baby at school already without the summer holidays to prepare and make a big deal of the first day etc… I guess there’s always next year for that …


One comment

  1. Oh Jo, it is Big!!! Little Romy in Prep, but he does look so so happy. If he can breeze into prep like that, here is a boy that will confront challenges with a smile on his face. What a wonderful gift. xx

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