The Fox and the Child…

July 9, 2009

We saw this film last Sunday (thanks S for the freebie…).  For about three quarters of the film I was captivated by the amazing scenery, seasons changing and the animals – I would have called it ‘achingly beautiful’ in a positive review of this film…. however, we had 2 children with us.  I think it was probably a little slow for them at times… and then towards the end there is a scene that is shocking and devastating – my 9 y.o. had to leave the cinema because she was so distressed.  The scene, in my opinion, seemed totally unnecessary and out of character with the rest of the film.  Why would a 10 year old girl act so stupidly, naively and insensitively when she is surrounded by wilderness every day? Why can’t filmmakers just make a beautiful film?  Why do they feel the need to make a ‘cautionary tale’?  It takes me back, way back, to the time my mum came home and found me bawling over a Lassie movie…

PS.  I missed the review of this film last night on At The Movies but you can read about it here



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  1. Whoa, thanks for the insights…. I did see the review and they both rated it highly and made no mention of the jolt at the end. I’m with you, don’t know if i want to see it now.. the bits they showed were indeed beautiful, even if a little contrived.
    Talk about tear jerkers in movies…. I cried when:
    My Dog Skip-
    Came home with the DVD for a family movie night…which literally ended in tears. Anyone want a DVD???

    ET- When he/it went home…

    Shawshank Redemption-I love this film and the always well up at the end…in a happy way.

    Thought i’d leave it on a good note.

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