jumper re-fashion

May 31, 2009

jumperThere’s yet another story in The Sunday Age today about opp-shopping and there’s been a lot of talk here and there about re-fashioning clothing – check out Whip Up for ongoing excellent stuff on this topic….  I guess everyone is trying to save a few bucks, but what I like most about it is that new life is being breathed into items that otherwise might have ended up on the tip….  I knew I liked this green jumper (found at Savers, Dandenong last year) even though someone had done a good job of shrinking it in the washing machine…. Already pre-felted – excellent news to me! The first thing I did was cut off the cool fringed sleeves for fingerless gloves. Quite a while later the bottom half has become a kind of skirt (kidney warmer) that I wear over pants… and the rest – well who knows…. If you have any suggestions …..



  1. Gorgeous skirt, gloves etc Jo.

  2. Hi Jo,

    Although I haven’t read anything about re-imagining clothing, I have nonetheless been inspired in that direction lately… must be in the air..

    Love your new site, and hope the kids are both 100% soon. Happy hibernation!


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