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May 27, 2009

three-broochesHi and welcome to Jo So and Sew…

It’s going to be pretty similar to Artsy Fartsy Mama with a new look and some new things happening (as soon as I think of them!)

So to thank you for popping in and leaving a comment – you’ll be in the draw for one of the three brooches pictured above.  Recipients will be chosen at 5pm Thursday 28 May.  (Your email will be recorded in my admin part – I’ll let you know if you’ve won and you can send me your address – if I don’t have it already…)

“Shoot for the moon and if you miss you will still be among the stars.”

Les Brown



  1. Wow, oh to have time to write a blog and even to think of making a new one!

    I haven’t read years of wonder but would like to. People of the Book by G March was also excellent. I didn’t like her book March very much, though.

  2. Hi Jososew,
    Great site. I love your bookreview. Gives me an idea of what to read next.

  3. hi glad your well speak soon. no time as I am working full time as the art aid we had has had a break down.willsie

  4. Hi Jo,

    Years of wonder will be the next book i read. great site.

  5. Hi Jo….all looks wonderful…thanks for the book review, I am looking for a good one to keep me going (anything to avoid doing my thesis!).
    Nicole x

  6. Hi Jo,

    Great to see your stuff, i was really disappointed that I couldn’t get to your shows earlier in the year. I enjoyed catching up with what you are doing on this new (and improved) site.

    Marjo X

  7. Splendid!!!!

  8. Noice, Jo!

    (I hope I win!!) xx

  9. Hi there, thought you might have disappeared with artsyfartsy…. thanks for extending the invite.
    Should i be so lucky, i particularly like the red graphic one….
    That book sounds a lot more interesting than the tome i’m labouring through right now… why did i ever say that i’ll never a quit a book once started????

  10. This is the most incredible book. I read it when Noa was very small and I sobbed and sobbed, but was also uplifted. This is G’s best book in my opinion. Interesting read whilst in the middle of a potential pandemic!

  11. Heh Jo
    Thanks for letting me know. Why the update? I Like the site but was just curious as to why you made the change. Will have to read that book- witches are of particular interest at the moment- more on that later. The best book I have read in absolute ages is THe Book Thief. I cannot recommend it enough. It is so beautifully written, the prose is often like poetry, lots of imagery and the love!!!! who would have thought such a simple act as showing someone how to roll a cigarette could convey such empathy, and love. Death is always lingering in this book and I was heaving at times but it is simply beautiful- the best and worst of humanity.

    So I look forward to seeing much more of your reviews, your art and life.

    Well its back to the Gypsy Kings and the cleaning- i’ll be sashaying my way around the bathroom and the vacuuming. love sar

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