Year of Wonders

May 26, 2009


I wanted to mention this book before it went out of my head… it was honestly one of those books I picked up whilst browsing in the local bookshop….the cover appealed to me (first tick) then I read the back (2nd tick) and then I usually read the first page – just to make sure it’s going to grab me… and it did.  About an amazing woman in an amazing time – plague, the suspicion of witches and a community struggling to cope.  Definitely a highlight in my reading year of wonders….Check out the author’s website here.

‘‘The plot is gripping, I like the psychological subtlety of characters struggling with a shifting world, and it’s packed with historical detail.”—Daily Mail (UK)

“This novel is quite captivating, so rich with period effect that it makes a great candidate for a screen drama.”—Weekend Australian


One comment

  1. I have read this too and I absolutely loved it. I then bought her next book “March” and her latest one “People of the Book”(I’m pretty sure that one is her too) Both worth a read.
    If you haven’t read any of Janette Turner Hospital books I definitely recommend her as an author. I just love her work. If you want one of her books to read just let me know, I have quite a few of hers.

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