chickeny things…

May 24, 2009

Our chooks are of constant interest and joy….. (except for all the poop and the slight carnage in the garden!)  They seem to be getting more ‘chickeny’…. eating the scraps I put out, having dirt baths (see the dirty white chicks?), making bok-bok noises, and still telling us that they want to go to bed at dusk… I finally put up some temporary fencing to keep them a little contained (off the path basically…) but still no eggs…. it should be very soon though…..

How many of you have found me here now that AFM is no more?  Please leave a comment if you have….



  1. Hey Jo! Yes I’ve followed you over here. I am inspired by your chooks. Too scared to give it go in my garden, having spotted foxes on my street!


  2. Me, me, me… Yey

  3. Hi Jo, Love the new painting and the paintings on the banner. Romy looks gorgeous.

  4. Hi Jo, thanks for letting me know about your new website, am really enjoying it although “Artsy Fartsy Mama” did really appeal to me too! Just worked out the pun in Jo So and Sew (I’m not a prep teacher for nothing you know!!!)
    Sorry you cant make it to the curious kids party tonight, make sure you have a look at the link on the invite I sent you as it has lots of ideas for presents etc. The thing that has grabbed my friends and me are the card games. They are a treat, both for children and adults (ask me about that one day!) We have “sleeping Queens” which Nim would love (for the gorgeous pictures on the cards as well as the game itself) and “Rat a tat cat” which is a hit with the oldies as well. They are the best games and make fab presents. There is a special on this month so just check them out when you have the chance.
    Thanks again for inviting me to be part of your “made it market” team. It was so much fun and very gratifying for me.
    I have your necklace in the pipeline but is put on hold while I write reports!!!!!!!! How did this happen to me!!! I said I never would again ahhhhhhhh! Anyway that’s what I should be doing now, your webpage has been a lovely diversion.
    Hope to chat soon
    Love Leanne
    p.s I adore that grey jacket with the embroidery that you wear to school!

  5. Hi Jo

    Looks good!
    Please put some of those fabulous pictures from Audrey whats-her-name? Loved that book!
    Finding a window to do that bird…

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