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February 25, 2016



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February 25, 2016



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February 11, 2016




December 29, 2015

Of course there have been a few recommendations being discussed;  I’ve been taking notice of reviews and breezing through book shops…. all in preparation for the great January read. I love reading all year round, but when you know you’ve got lazy days ahead with real time to read – it’s pretty exciting…. I’ve tried lots of different techniques for choosing books – friend’s recommendations, front cover appeal, reviews, reading the first page, reading the last page etc..

To be honest, the most fun and successful technique ever was my ‘Wife’ theme. It started when I read Time Traveller’s Wife (loved it) and soon after a friend suggested I read Ahab’s Wife (loved it)… well, it seemed I was on a good thing so I read The Tiger’s Wife and kept searching for books with Wife in the title (check out Goodreads… the list goes on and on). Some weren’t so successful – The Paris Wife, The 19th Wife – I started and didn’t finish. My philosophy on this is that life is short – don’t waste it reading a book you don’t like! Who is going to give you points for persevering with something you’re not enjoying? So start your own theme!

I’m half way through Donna Tartt’s The Goldfinch – it’s a brick of a book and the descriptive detail took me a while to get used to – but this is one I will persevere with. I really should join a book group in 2016!

I will leave you with this book – not always easy to find, but a story that stays with me, beautifully written and I think everyone should read…..The Burial by Courtney Collins

PS – Just remembered how much I loved  The Elusive Language of Ducks

Enjoy! x


Parts of a bigger picture..

October 13, 2015



The weather improved…

October 2, 2015

…and so my outdoor studio returned…




A workshop with alcohol based inks

September 27, 2015

Some excellent demos

And some of my experiments –